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Ring Stats Graph Tab
Ring Stats Graph Tab

The Graph tab lets the user Graph the winnings of the Selected Player in different ways.

Since Graphing can take a long time for players with a large number of hands, the Graph is not displayed until the user presses the "Draw Graph" button.

User Interface Layout

Change Graph Button 
Use this button to change the settings for the graph. See section below.
Draw Graph Button 
After making your changes, press this button to view the graph.
Export Graph Button 
Use this button to save the graph to a file, or copy the graph to the clipboard. You can save the graph to a file in JPEG or Windows Bitmap formats.

Changing Graph Settings

Y Axis 
Select $ Won or BB Won. BB Won shows the Big Bets won
X Axis 
Select by Date, by Session, or by Hand. Be careful about selecting "by Hand", especially if you have played a large number of hands. This will create a graph with a LOT of data points on the X axis. Only use this option only if also using a filter (e.g. Last # Hands).
Select All Hands, Last # Hands, or Date Filter. Filter by "Last # Hands" to only show the last 100 hands played. Date Filter will just display the data for the dates you specify.
Select this dropwdown to filter on Game Type.
Select Running Total, Running Average, or Amount. Running Total shows your cumulative winnings. Running Average shows how your average changes. Amount displays the winnings just for that period.
Select Bar, Area, or Line.


The Graph Tab is very useful in determing your trends. Note that it takes a lot of played hands to determine if you are winning consistently (see Quality of Observed Statistics).

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