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Feature Description
Ring Statistics
Heads-Up Display (HUD)
  • Displays stats right on the game window.
  • Auto Rate Opponents. Use Icons like Fish, Eagle, Mouse, etc.
  • Customize icons and rules.
  • Graph Session and Calendar Winnings.
  • Filter by Date, Session, Hand. Graph amount, totals, averages.
  • Fully Customizable.
Review Sessions
Fast & Efficient
  • 3 Times Faster Loads than competing products!
  • Long jobs are done in Background - no "Lock Ups"
  • No size limits - uses Firebird SQL database.
Pattern Finder
  • Find Patterns in your Betting Actions.
Analyze Played Hands
  • Calculates Win %, Outs, Hand Rankings
  • Queries for Domination, Bad Beats, Luck, Expected Value (EV) of bets
Playback Hands
  • Graphical Playback. "VCR" controls.
  • Shows Win % like on TV!
  • Replay sets of hands (e.g. all hands with AA)
  • Online Hand Replayer allows you to share links to hands with your friends.
Data Mine
  • Collect opponent stats before sitting down!
  • Automatically opens 4 tables
  • Rate tables (using player icon & rating)
Showdown Calculator
  • Enter Player and Board cards to calculate win %
  • Calculate Odds of making hands (two-pair, straight, flush, etc)
More Extras

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