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Contents - Feb 16, 2006

  - Fix:  PokerManager now works with the new PartyPoker client (including HUD)
  - Fix:  Fixed date import issue - Jan 26, 2006

  - Add:  Added Help menu items to link to the online documentation
  - Change:  Setup text no long lists PokerManager as "BETA" in error.  
    It has been in release since Build 19. - Dec 30, 2005

  - Add:  Export Hands Dialog now has a checkbox to "Anonymize" the hands
          on export.  This replaces the game # and player names with
          anonymous names.
  - Fix:  Hand Converter now properly displays # of bets for the pre-flop
  - Fix:  Game tab now shows "Num Saw Flop" for 2nd Saw Flop field - Oct 11, 2005

  - Fix:  Added support for Absolute No-limit HH format - Oct 9, 2005

  - Change:  The "Action Profitability Model" is now filtered to only
    show actions "Bet/Raise" and "Check/Call".  "Folds" are obviously
    going to be negative value (or zero). - Oct 9, 2005

  - Fix:  Fixed install to include Model\HandStr\*.txt files
    - "Player Model" menu should now work properly - Oct 8, 2005

  - New:  Added "Player Model" menu on the "Modeling" main menu
    - Creates a file of all the player's actions (each round of each game)
    - That file is used to model (or predict):
      - Output Actions (% Fold, % Check/Call, or % Bet/Raise)
      - Profitability (avg Big Bets (BB) won for that action/situation)
      - % Chance see Showdown
    - The model works by organizing all of the action records into Patterns
      - A "pattern" is a group of similar records.  They are similar if they
        have similar input values.
      - Patterns that have a large size and high predictability show a
        "strong" pattern that is easily predicted.
      - Small patterns aren't as useful because there is not enough data
        there to have statistical significance
    - This is an advanced tool.  Just use it to browse your action patterns.
      - You can drill down on the patterns based on their various properties
      - Drill down by:  Prediction, Predictability, Pattern Size, etc.
      - You may be surpised by what you find! - Oct 6, 2005

  - New: Added support for Absolute Poker v2 hand history format.
    - Works with the new formats that are saved as files
  - Fix: Bugs in parser have been fixed (Beta) - Oct 4, 2005

  - New: Added support for Absolute Poker hand history format (Beta) - Oct 1, 2005

  - New: Export Hands Dialog - added option to export only hands for the
    player selected under "Preferences" tab
  - Fix: PM is no longer invisible when reopened after closing when
    it is minimized
  - Fix: Clicking on a Hand link no longer gives error HAND_ID not found
  - Remove: Removed feature for peer-to-peer hand sharing.  It violated
    PokerStars Terms of Service.  PM should now comply with that sites'
    policies. (Beta) - Sep 13, 2005

  - New: Added support for UltimateBet Hand History format
  - New: New option to automaticly refresh data if PM is restored and new hands
    were added while scanning the HH window.  Defaults to True.
  - Change: Graph Tab starting text now informs user to press "Draw Graph" button
  - Fix: Hand hint window no longer displays after clicking hand link
  - Fix: Email button on HH window no longer locks up if PM is scanning
  - Info: Database Schema version is now 4 (Beta) - Sep 12, 2005

  - Fix: Fixed how game limit is determined in PokerRoom imports (Beta) - Sep 12, 2005

  - Change: DB maintenance window now has a "Defrag" button when its done
  - Fix: Fixed launching of "Perform Database Maintenance"
    - Now works even if path to PokerManager.exe has a space
    - Now automatically rollsback original database if maintenance fails (Beta) - Sep 10, 2005

  - New: Export Hand history in "human readable format"
    - Current formats are:  ASCII, HTML, RTF, 2+2 Forum, UBB Forum
    - Feature is on Hand Detail form (when you click a Game # link on a grid)
    - Uses button "Forum Convert" and Format combo box
  - New: HTML Game Notes (can paste TEXT, HTML, or download directly)
    - Feature is on Hand Detail form
    - Uses Buttons "Edit", "Save", "Load URL"
  - New: "Game Notes" Menu (View), which shows all games with notes
    - From the Game Notes Grid, select a hand, then browse next/back with the
      Hand Detail form to easily view all notes
  - New: Now shows hand history "hint window"
    - To view put the mouse over a Game in a grid (Game # hyperlink)
  - New: Added $/100 and BB/100 to the Graph tab summary
  - New: Can now save Graph tab as JPEG
  - New: Added new option to the Overlay option dialog for including the
    player's stats in the table averages.  Defaults to False.
  - New: Added menu under tools for "Perform Database Maintenance"
    - You should run this after loading lots of hands (>10k)
  - Change: Reduced clutter on the Graph Tab's X-axis
  - Change: Graph tab controls now use a toolbar
  - Change: Added button to draw graph on Graph tab (rather than automatic)
  - Change: Made Player Summary Grid taller (so scroll bar won't cover it)
  - Change: Updated setup message to warn about virus checkers slowing performance
  - Change: About box & version check now point to
  - Change: Fixed icon for Graph session winnings (button)
  - Change: Moved Close button on Graph form to Left side
  - Change: Removed checkboxes from Job Schedule Form (they didn't work)
  - Fix: "Index Not found" bug for session and session games grids
  - Fix: Importer now removes non-ASCII characters from table & player names
  - Fix: When database is empty, tabs no longer show error
  - Fix: Cards, Position, Hands Tab - now inform user data is filtered by limit
    - Fixed detail grids to just use games for that limit
  - Fix: Grid sel bug (selection disappeared when other grid was filled)
  - Remove:  Removed feature that showed Pot Odds & Outs (it violated Party's TOS) (Beta) - Sep 6, 2005

  - New Feature:  Added a showdown calculator, on Analysis Menu
  - Graph Tab settings are now saved
  - Graph Tab - Added option to output:  Amount, Running Total, Running Average
  - Graph Tab - Added option for graph type:  Bar, Area, Line
  - Graph Tab - Added option to filter by game limit
  - Graph Tab - Now includes data from alias players for that player
  - Graph Session - is now always sorted by game (or session) date/time
  - Fixed bug for moving the overlay windows when using option for Active Table only
  - Added Site Name to General tab (so you know which site the player is from)
  - Added Summary Grid on General tab (summarizes for all limits)
  - Game Overlay - fix option to only use current session stats
    - Fixed by automatically setting the player name in Preferences tab if known
  - Added more decimal points for VP$IP and PFR (to help see how its moving)
    - To see in the overlay must change overlay options
    - Right click on an overlay window, and select "customize fields"
    - Now pick fields "VP$IP % (0.0)" and "PFR % (0,0)"
  - (Internal) Fixed Alias bugs in views:
    - p_hand_smry, p_position_smry, p_cards_grp_smry, p_recent_games
  - Database Schema version is now 2 (Beta) - Sep 1, 2005

  - Database is now patched when upgrading, so no need to re-import HH files
    - Database Schema version is now 1
  - Changed Graph Tab to show cumulative results (Beta) - Aug 31, 2005

  - Added Graph Tab
  - (Internal) Added p_recent_games procedure (Beta) - Aug 31, 2005

  - Added import support for PokerRoom hand history format
    - Requires SQLite ODBC Driver and ADO Drivers installed
  - Changed Find control on Ring Stat form to a combo box
    - Can type in one letter at a time and it will incrementally search (Beta) - Aug 30, 2005

  - Added import support for Cyrpto hand history format
  - (Internal) Added #CURX# field to parser (numbers that could have a $)

// (Beta) - Aug 27, 2005

  - Bug fix for Directory Import (when file or directory did not exist)
  - Bug fix for filenames with >64 characters
  - Bug fixes for PokerStars imports (tourny games and player cards) (Beta) - Aug 26, 2005

  - Added player aliases
    - User can aggregate data to one player when playing on different sites
  - Download Hands now works on local subnet only
  - Added fields to Games tab
  - Fixed all grid tabs to display faster (Beta) - Aug 24, 2005

  - Now use transactions when importing a file, which is 2x faster 
  - Now store Hand Histories based on SITE_NAME/SITE_ID
  - Fixed logic used to populate START_CARDS and HAND_LEVEL tables
  - Bug fix for limit string mismatch (e.g., "0.5/1", "$0.50/$1", "$0.5/$1", etc)
  - Bug fix:  Firebird is no longer installed if it is running (Beta) - Aug 23, 2005

  - Fixed a bug importing Party Poker hands (caused Pot = 0 errors)
  - BETA support for PokerStars importing
    - Known Bug:  does not detect player hole cards, I need sample files for that
    - Known Bug:  will not create seperate players for PokerStars site
    - Known bugs will be fixed in a future release
  - Sped up the Session Tab (Beta) - Aug 22, 2005

  - Can now import from PT exported hands (PartyPoker format only?)
  - Fixed Catastrophic error when viewing Players (and other grids)
  - No longer loads games when Pot is zero (probably due to clipped Hand History text)
  - Added Position Text to session games grid
  - Added new fields to session games grid:  Win %, Next Rank, Outs
  - Fixed bug where Download Version Dlg was covered by the about box
  - Fixed file locking bug when importing files on tables that were open
  - Now show $Won as black if zero
  - Now disable First/Last grid buttons if already at that position
  - Option to disable reading HH from the window (can use files HHF instead)