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Play Better Poker & Tune-up Leaks
For Texas Hold'em Players
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PokerManager is a software program that provides live advice and hand statistics for online Texas Hold'em players*.  You play better while seeing your opponent's stats (e.g., raise %, see flop %, etc).  You can study your old hands, and tune-up any "leaks" where you are losing money with bad plays.

Recent News:

Poker Manager Features
Ring Game Stats
Flop%, Raise%, Aggression, Showdown%, Win%, More!
Pattern Finder
Find Patterns in your Betting Actions.
"Heads Up" Opponent Stats
Displays stats right on the game window.
Auto Rate Opponents.  Use Icons like Fish, Eagle, Mouse, etc.
Customize icons and rules.
Analyze Played Hands
Calculates Win %, Outs, Hand Rankings
Queries for Domination, Bad Beats, Luck, Expected Value (EV) of bets
 Graph Session and Calendar Winnings.  
Filter by Date, Session, Hand.  Graph amount, totals, averages.
Fully Customizable. 
Playback Hands
Graphical Playback.  "VCR" controls.
Shows Win % like on TV!
Replay sets of hands (e.g. all hands with AA)
Review Sessions
Breakdown by Session, Starting Cards, Position, Final Hand
Filters to compare last # hands v.s. previous # hands (e.g., 10K review)
Data Mine
Collect opponent stats before sitting down!
Automatically opens 4 tables
Rate tables (using player icon & rating)
Fast & Efficient
3 Times Faster Loads than competing products!
No size limits - uses SQL database
Long jobs are done in Background - no "Lock Ups"
Showdown Calculator
Enter Player and Board cards to calculate win %
Calculate Odds of making hands (two-pair, straight, flush, etc)
Free Trial Download
Download Trial Version  (5.3 MB)
More Extras for internet casino
Automatically shows opponents mucked cards 
Export Hand Histories to Forums in easily readable Format
Store notes on each game
Automated Database Management

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Download & Installation


Click here to download:  PokerManager_Setup.exe  (5.5 MB)

Click the link above and choose "Save As".  Save the file to your Desktop or to a folder you can easily locate.  Note that the file is an "exe" file, not a "zip" file.  When the download is finished, you can run the install executable.  See Installation notes below.  If you have problems downloading, try turning off any download accelerator utilities.


PokerManager requires a Windows compatible operating system (XP, ME, NT), and works with the poker game provided by

To install PokerManager, just run the setup executable.  After installing, you can run the icon on your desktop.

Install will automatically run the License Wizard.  For the license wizard, If you do not have an activation key, you can purchase the product and get a key emailed to you.  Otherwise select Trial Version.  The Trial Version will work for 60 days.  After the 60 days you must purchase PokerManager or uninstall it.

Getting Started

The first step is to import your current hand history files.  You can do this from the File menu, then "Import Hand Histories from Directory".  Point the folder to your hand history directory (usually beneath the Party Poker folder under "Program Files").  As the hands are being imported you can see the progress, and it gives an estimate for how long it will take.  This job is running in the background though, so you can play poker while its running!

To see the live "heads-up" display, simply start PokerManager, and start your poker game.  After a few hands are played the overlay stats will be updated with information.  The more games you play, the more statistics you will collect.

Customer Comments
"I am very impressed with what I've seen so far. The performance is much better than PokerTracker."  -MaxP "I think PM has great potential."  -SLC "Its a fine piece of Delphi Coding.  Very smooth."  -RH
for $25 it is a steal!  (Full Review)  -BD   "It is updating real time without killing my system.  Very nice."  -RH

PokerManager is $25 (50% Off regular price of $50!)

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about PokerManager, you can post them on the PokerManager Message board.  You can also send your questions via email.  If you use email, be sure to use "PokerManager" in the subject or your email may get filtered as spam.

Note that posting messages requires registration.  Simply create a new account on WebBoard, and your password will be emailed to you.  You can then post questions.   Important Note - make sure that your ISP doesn't filter out emails from WebBoard as spam, otherwise you won't get the email with your password.

I would appreciate any feedback on PokerManager!  Let me know if you like it, or have suggestions for new features, etc.  Thanks for playing in internet casino and using PokerManager!

Note that there is NO WARRANTY FOR PokerManager.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  


The following Help files are available for using PokerManager:


Current Version is  View Release Notes.